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Mart Green is the CEO and founder of Mardel Christian bookstores and heir to the arts and crafts Empire known as Hobby Lobby . Currently Green is leading a collaborative effort between multiple bible translation organizations under the nomenclature IllumiNATIONS to spearhead  a translating project of biblical proportions.

Illuminations, founded in 2010  plans to incorporate all of the world's languages into readable translations of the Bible by the year 2033. 

Currently there are over 2,000 spoken languages without a full Bible translation or that have even a  a single verse of the Bible translated in their native tongue. There are also several sign languages worldwide suffering from what the organization calls. Bible poverty

An article from Outreach Magazine tells of an experience in Guatemala that led Green to organize thel Bible translation initiative to make the Bible more linguistically inclusive.



Cases of Bible study apps being deleted from Chinese hosted app stores are increasingly being reported. According to users in the communist country,  the ability to download apps which would allow one to read the Bible and other Bible study-type applications is being eliminated. 

Some Christian online community groups such as Gospel League and Life Quarterly,  previously accessed through apps such as WeChat,  have also been impeded. 

Search results for words such as Christ, Fellowship, and Gospel are also being censored on the WeChat platform,  leading users to a dead end when looking for Christian groups.

Physical Bibles  are becoming harder to procure online as Chinese government strictly regulates access to religious content.



1962 is the year that Bible reading and class prayer were deemed unconstitutional and removed from public schools. 1985 ushered in the removal of silent prayer in schools as an administrator established activity. 

Although a student's right to pray in school or read a Bible on their own while on school groundsrenmains, Bible-reading as standard curriculum is not offered in the American public school system. Senator Karla May, D from Missouri aims to change that. Missouri House Bill No. 267 (The Bible Bill) is currently pending. 

Senator May's campaign to return the Bible to public schools by offering it as  courses in Hebrew scripture, Old and New Testament studies was inspired by the curriculum she partook in at her time at St. Louis University

The bill, has made it through the Senate and awaits judgement by The House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee. Committee chairperson Rep. Chuck Bayse, R-Rocheport, expects the bill to be voted through the committee Tuesday.

The final stages for the bill to be passed is receiving the green light by the Missouri House, and then heading on to Gov. Mike Parson’s desk.

Some believe that introducing Christian teachings in a public school setting may infringe upon the religious rights or create barriers to student's freedom. 

Brian Kaylor, editor and chief of Word&Way, a Christian publication,  is speaking out against the bill believing it may show favoritism for a particular religion, thereby ostracizing those who do not follow the faith. Kaylor is quoted as saying:

"I have seen the look of surprise on legislators when I will announce at the beginning of a testimony in a hearing that I'm a Baptist minister, and I am opposing this bill to promote Christianity in public schools precisely because of my faith." 

May defends her proposal, saying that the introduction of biblical curriculum will broaden the horizons of others and will not interfere with or disrespect the faith of others. An outline of boundaries and limitations for the bill states:

"A course offered under this section shall follow applicable law and all federal and state guidelines in maintaining religious neutrality and accommodating the diverse religious views, traditions and perspectives of students in the school. A course offered under this section shall not endorse, favor or promote, or disfavor or show hostility toward, any particular religion or nonreligious faith or religious perspective.”


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