Whether you have read the Bible before but it's been a while, or you don't know any of the Bible at all, this video from the YouTube channel The Bible Project is a great resource to familiarize yourself with the characters and books of the Bible.

excuses why people don't read the bible

In this video a young lady hosting the channel Coffee and Bible Time debunks top reasons why Believers don't read the Bible.

Prepare your mind

As you're preparing to read the Bible, you may be organizing your study area with things such as notebooks, pens and pencils, a Bible of course. But you may be overlooking an important part of your endeavor: mentally organizing yourself.

Each individual will have a different approach to studying the Bible, and just as unique as each of our personalities are, there are certain traits that we can sharpen and focus toward our studies.

Check  out 12 things
you need before jumping into your challenge to read the Bible in 1 year.
Some people prefer absolute quiet to read or study, while others prefer music or ambient noise in the background.

Read this blog to find resources for background sound/music for your reading and study need. These are the types of music you can find: 

Follow the Leader

Some people need structure  and guidance  to help reach their goals. If you feel this way about reading the Bible in 1 year, allow me to  share with you another organization  committed to encouraging Bible readership.

May I present you with a very special Bible  reading program designed to lead you through the Bible from front to back.

This program is available through an affiliate partnership. 

Prepare Your Reading Plan

These are the basic types of reading plans

I have noticed that there are different methods of reading the Bible in 1 year. 

  •  Historical/chronological
  • Sequential
  • Complimentary
  • Selected Readings.
I'm sure there are others, but from my research there seem to be 4 distinct types that I've observed

1.  Sequential plans: scheduled readings doled out in various lengths, based off of the current published order that the modern Bible is printed.

2. Historical/chronological plans: these are laid out to be read in order that it actually happened, instead of the time in which it was documented.

3.  Selected reading plans: The modern Bible can be categorized into 5 main themes -although many of these topics are covered repeatedly throughout the text: ¹Books of The Law, ²Historical Narrative, ³The Wisdom Books, ⁴The Gospel, ⁵The Epistles

4. Complimentary reading plans: can be any combination of the above plans or unique to the literary prerogative of the author. Since many books of the Bible refer to others (especially the prophetic books that point to the coming of or the activities of the Messiah in the New Testament), a reading plan may have a layout in which you are reading portions of one scripture that compliments other lessons or stories in other books of the Bible, or even between Testaments.

List of reading plans 

The book preview featured isthe Bible study guide that I am using to read the Bible in 1 Year.
A Woman's Guide to reading the Bible in a year, by Diane Stortz. I have the downloadable Kindle version, but it is also available in print.

Each bullet point below is a link to specific reading plans. 

They are either PDFs, digital books, or interactive sites.
*Thebiblein1year.com  is NOT affiliated with ThebibleinOneyear.com

Check your Bible thoroughly, as some Bibles have built-in study guides either at the front or the back of the book.

This 1995 publication has a morning and evening reading schedule for reading the Bible printed on the final pages of the book.

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Remember Faster

Listen to this  interview with Jim Kwik featured on The People's Pharmacy,  a public radio health broadcast.  Kwik talks about ways to improve your learning experiences and increase your chances of remembering what you read.
Excellent skills to acquire as you challenge yourself to read the Bible in 1 year.

Test YOurself

Use the Quizlet application to create your own tests so you can gauge what you've learned. See how much you've learned from your studies as you  read the Bible  in 1 year.  VISIT QUIZLET.

Bible App Games

Challenge your Bible knowledge with fun downloadable games.

(Searchable in Google Play)

Meetup for Bible Study 

Use Meetup to find local people interested in reading the Bible.*

The Meetup organization
was designed to build a community IRL by connecting with people who share the same hobbies and activities through the website (click/touch image or the mobile app.

 always use precaution and common sense when using online platforms to meet people in real life.

Why even read the Bible?

...That is one of the first questions you should be asking yourself before committing yourself to reading the Bible in 1 year. (Knowing your why is always a good idea before starting a long term commitment)
This is a topic that will be discussed and answered in an upcoming blog so check back often for updates!

Check out some of these very cool
Bible-themed attractions!

Ark Encounter

Take a walk through the Bible by touring a life-sized recreation of Noah's Ark as described in the book of Genesis.


Museum of the Bible 

Celebrate your quest for Biblical knowledge with a visit to The Museum of the Bible,  located in Washington DC, USA.


The Holy Land Experience

Have wholesome fun at a Christian themed
amusement park in Florida, USA.

The Creation Museum 

A curation of artifacts and replicas displaying the origins of life as chronicled in the Bible. Located in Kentucky,  USA