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Welcome to The Bible in 1 Year

My name is Kenya. I'm reading the Bible everyday in 2020. I made this website to encourage others to read the Bible in 1 year. With the resources on this site I want to help you:
  • Understand what the Bible is 
  • Learn the value of the Bible and its value in your life 
  • Commit to setting aside time for daily Bible reading
  • Ask questions of what you read so that you can better understand as you find the answers
  • Relate to the people in the stories, finding commonality that can help you learn from their mistakes and successes.
  • Be encouraged to know that you CAN read the entire Bible 
With planning and dedication you can make your way through the entire Bible-in 1 year!

To get started, check out the RESOURCES page!


The main objective of The Bible in 1 Year website is to encourage people to
by providing resources and tools to foster engagement and a desire to learn more by asking questions like the ones below.

  1. How do I read the Bible everyday? (logistically, methods, which translation do I use?) See Resources Page
  2. How can I have fun with the Bible? (is this even allowed?) See Bible Fun, and Resources Page
  3. How can I connect with these Bible characters? (hint: they were real people, just like you.)
  4. How do I use the lessons from the Bible for my relationships and other situations in my daily life?
  5. How can I use the Bible in relation to other things that influence me daily? (media,news,entertainment)
  6. What if I have questions while reading the Bible? What questions should I be asking while I'm reading it?
  7. How can I know the Bible is real and if it is real, how do I let others know about it? (Hint: its not always what you say)


Is there anything about the Bible that can support its reliability? 

How about fulfilled Bible prophesies contained in the Old Testament about events to occur in the New Testament and beyond. 

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LISTEN to a new Bible reading daily!

Allow me to lead by example. I host a daily livestream on YouTube in which I read the Bible daily. There have been some challenges, but I'm happy to say that as of January 1, 2020 I have and will continue reading the Bible 7am CST.

I try my best to be on time, although the livestream may be slightly early or late. Replays of each video is available on the channel.

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30 Questions I have about the bible

After nearly 8 months of reading the Bible non-stop in my quest to read the Bible daily, I came up with a list of 30 questions about the Bible itself. The questions and answers can be found in the blog.

I am thankful for the freedom to read my bible

Reading the Bible is not an acceptable or lawful practice in many places around the world, such as THESE. In fact the Bible is banned in some places and penalties such as fines, imprisonment, and death can be consequences.

The bible and headcovers

Along with reading the Bible in 1 year, I have been exploring the practice of covering my head / hair as a spiritual journey/experiment. Find out more about head coverings at 


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Voice your opinion! Tell me what you want to see added to The Bible in 1 Year to make it easier to use and give more value to you.