GoFundMe for #biblereadingparty mobile game

We're making a Bible study game!

In a continued effort to encourage more people to read the Bible, TBI1Y is currently developing a mobile game app under our #biblereadingparty brand. The purpose of this game is to invite people to learn more about the Bible through a fun and challenging trivia game. Please share this news with as many people as possible.  For more information on the game and an opportunity to contribute financially to this kickstarter,  please follow the link to our GoFundMe page by touching  the picture of the game. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

News and updates on the game will also be at a new website created for the game: www.biblereadingparty.com

Take a break!

After all of that reading and studying, you deserve to have some fun. Enjoy these Bible-themed games on this page to reinforce and challenge the lessons you have been learning. WORKS BEST ON DESKTOP MODE. 

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