Games To Reinforce Bible Study

Reading the Bible in and of itself is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the Word.

To build upon what you have already read, you may consider incorporating fun apps and games to break up the routine of strictly reading, while challenging your memory and understanding of what you've learned so far.

Here is my top 12 list of Bible games available as downloadable apps for mobile devices. 

Some of these games are trivia games, meant to quiz your Biblical aptitude.

Others games are Bible-themed and may have more elements of action or puzzle-solving than actual recall of scripture knowledge.

Top 12 Bible Themed Games


These "top" games are recommended for having a peer review of 4.5 or higher out of possible 5 star rating


  1. Bible Trivia, by DodsonEng

  2. Bible Trivia, by Christian Games

  3. Bible Word Puzzle, by

  4. Bible Memory Verse Locker, by Scripture Memory Fellowship

  5. Play the Bible Word Match, by RD Games

  6. Bible Journey Trivia Game, by Sermen Devs

  7. Bible Memory: Remember Me, by Memorize with System

  8. Bible Quiz Trivia Game, by Trivia Quizzes

  9. Bible Trivia Quiz.., by Christian Resources-Bible Truth

  10. True or False- Bible Games, by Christian Games

  11. Super book Bible Trivia Game, by The Christian Broadcasting Network

  12. Play the Jesus Bible Trivia..., by RD Games Inc